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Fuengirola locksmith service is equally as people wings stranger here, not you come on holiday or being from another country you will charge more, we charge everyone equally and depending on the job will be a price or other

Now ‘ask for your urgent service for whatsApp and also explain your need or type of problem to be able to give a better service in Fuengirola and surrounding areas. Thank you

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Fuengirola locksmith open doors without damage is our philosophy and locksmith solve your problem in the shortest time and with maximum customer satisfaction. fone: 652153799 whenever you need our locksmiths services Fuengirola 24 hours most days and holidays.

locksmiths Fuengirola covers different types of jobs, and are specialized in emergency locksmiths. We offer a completely equipped for almost any service you ask us whether festive vehicle or night, I am a professional, efficient and economical, and will be ai to assist at any time, any day. Do not wait if you have an emergency, and no more worrying about the price and our prices are very economical work.



Bumping technique it is being used by agenas people to steal your home within them, broad mind and is a fairly easy technique that is normally used to open cylinder shape, clean, low noise and by percussion their pins through manipulated keys for it, are saying that a simple operation, fast execution and usually works in 70 percent of cases and no more than 30 seconds open your door – and that does not damage the closure.



FUENGIROLA CERRAJEROS open security doors, armor, metal, PVC, aluminum, canceled

whenever you leave home in a hurry and you leave the keys inside or put behind nothing happens you just have to pick up the phone and call me to ask me and I’ll fill you or I go to your home to open this type of case unbroken normally in which we will use the means to take as little as possible and be the best way to your door.


Locksmith in Fuengirola installed bulbs profile keys restricted so nobody can copy it freely and easily, a way to live more comfort in knowing that the person who alkyl wing for a few days your apartment or house does not already have a copy of your key and asín can not enter your home while you are out traveling or living outside, you have models to choose from, reinforced, of different qualities and materials, nikel, brass plated, steel etc.